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With each member of the team having an interest or business in the motorhome and caravan world it didn’t take long for their paths to cross, with new ideas of how to pull that world into the 21st century.

Let’s start with Jason who many of you will also know as ‘The Motorhome Man’ – not only does he have a presence on Youtube but he also has his own dealership Caravans & Campers based in Shrewbury. Moving on you have Lee Batson who owns LB Caravan Services so lets say he brings the technical side into the group. Then we have Mark Stokes who owns a great caravan dealership in Wolverhampton called The Caravan Place which brings all the caravan knowledge to the group. Finally we have Shane Malpass who is the director of WeBuyAnyMotorcaravan.com who is the pretty face!

So now you know everyone you may be wondering how did the show came about? Every year the NEC holds the annual Motorhome and Caravan Show which is HUGE in the world of everything motorhome and caravan. So off Shane and Jason went cameras in hand and decided to film parts of the show for research, this then turned into reviewing the products and then turned into then being in front of the camera. With the instant chemistry on screen between Jason and Shane and the feedback from the videos online they decided to bring Mark and Lee along into doing weekly live video’s on Sunday evenings with Q&A sessions, how to and also guest appearances. Move forward a year and not only do we still hold Live’s monthly but also we have a mini series called Leg’s Down!, which is pre recorded and these insightful episodes are full from reviews on caravan and motorhomes, technical help with Lee and then a couple challenges which keeps everyone on their toes.

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Shane Malpass
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Jason Reynolds
"The Motorhome Man"
Mark Stokes
The Caravan Place
Lee Bateson
LB Caravan Services


Jon Feeney
Caravan Shorts
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